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Devil Dog Pet Co - The Past The Present And The Future

Big changes, Bigger Dreams And The Best Products For Your Pup

In the fall of 2016, my wife, Amanda, and I made the big decision to launch a new business and brand. At that point in our "journey", the two of us had been online entrepreneurs for a little over a decade. Our focus had been selling other people's products and brands and we knew we were ready to create and run something we could call our own. 

As avid dog lovers, the pet space was a no brainer. Like us, we know that most people view their 4 legged companions as members of the family and we set out to build something we could be proud of.

This was the start of Doggie Dealz.

Doggie Dealz Logo


Veteran Owned And Operated

In 1993, I earned my Eagle, Globe & Anchor and I am very proud of the years I spent serving my country with the Marines. 

I mention this because I help to run this company with the same discipline, enthusiasm and love I had for the Corps. Customer service and quality are our number one priorities and building long term relationships is our main focus.

John Balcazar USMC


Your Dog Loves To Chew So Why Not Give Them The Best

Deciding on a first product to launch under our new brand was easy. We are long time users and believers in antler chews. It is all our pups have ever had and they absolutely love them. They last a very long time and there is never a mess or bad odor. We can proudly say that in over 10 plus years, there has never been a personal item chewed. All they know is antlers and because of that, they never have the urge to chew on anything else. This is especially important now that we have a toddler in our household. We have all kinds of toys and trinkets laying all over the floor and they are never tempted by them.

Dexter Chewing An Antler Dog Chew


If You Build It, They Will Come

We knew that antler chews would be a popular item but what we did not expect was how quickly word would get out about the quality of our chews and the explosive growth that followed. Over the last two plus years, we have been blessed and have seen this grow from several hundred antler dog chews being sold each month to several thousand.

Your love, loyalty and support inspired us to take a deep look at what we were all about and the direction we wanted to take this company. The Name ‘Doggie Dealz’ was a napkin idea and nothing that was given a lot of thought. It certainly didn’t represent us and the vision we had for our business.

As we continued to grow and as we started looking at new product ideas, we knew it was time to rebrand and rename to something that was more in line with us, our beliefs and the future we were planning for this company.

After many brainstorming sessions, Devil Dog Pet Co was born.

Devil Dog Pet Co Logo


Our Sweet Boy, Your Awesome Mascot

We went with the phrase ‘Devil Dog’ because of my love and respect for the Marine Corps and all our military men and women. It was a perfect fit for the personality of this company and the relentless devotion we have to all dog parents out there. The flag represents our love of country and the opportunities it has given us. The dog featured on our logo is Dexter. He entered our world when he was a very young pup and a neurological disorder sent him over the bridge several years ago.

Dexter Balcazar Puppy Picture

He was figuratively and literally larger than life and earned a furever spot in our hearts.

Dog Anxiety

The two of us have both been dog lovers for as long as we can remember but those feelings were taken to a whole different level when we both decided to get involved with dog rescue over ten years ago. From fostering to training to fundraising, there is very little we haven’t done within this amazing community. We’ve interacted with hundreds of foster parents/rescuers/trainers and even more dogs.

John and Amanda BLCC Dog Rescue
At a very broad level, one recurring theme that kept popping up in our conversations with people in this community was ‘dog anxiety’. It comes in many different forms and effects every dog differently. Some of the more common anxieties are:

Separation anxiety
Other dog anxiety
Small animal anxiety
Thunder/fireworks/loud noise anxiety
Children anxiety

This was one of the main reasons we went with elk antler chews as our first product. They are both physically and mentally stimulating and we’ve personally seen them help with many of the dog anxieties listed above.


New Products And The Future

While our long term goal is to have a large and robust offering of very high quality products, our current focus is on products that we are confident will help with anxiety in dogs.

We recently added Himalayan dog chews to our product lineup and have received incredible feedback. While 8 out of 10 dogs seem to love antlers, we are seeing a near 100% ‘LOVE’ rate with the Himalayan chews. They consist of 4 clean ingredients and like antler chews, they are hard, clean and odorless.

Devil Dog Pet Co Himalayan Dog Chew

The product we are most excited about is our full spectrum hemp oil. Months went into research and development and the feedback we received from our large test group were quite literally mind blowing. We’ve seen it help with everything ranging from pain management to joint health and mobility to skin/coat issues but where it really seems to excel is helping dogs that are dealing with different types of anxiety.

Pure Pet Naturals Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Dogs

We gave our testers this product right before the 4th of July last year (2018) and waited anxiously to hear their results. Dogs that would shake uncontrollably and be paralyzed by fear when fireworks were being discharged were now able to go outside and use the bathroom and relax when indoors.

Our focus is going to continue to be on products and supplements that will help you in dealing with anxiety issues. So many problems can be averted when anxiety is addressed and Devil Dog Pet Co will do all that it can to help.



Our past, our present and our future is all about you; The dog parent. We will continue to focus on bringing you high quality products and content that will enrich the lives of your pups.

I want to end this with a simple question.

What product do you want to see sold by Devil Dog Pet Co?

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